LOWA Test Centre Traufgänge-Albstadt

2017 Albstadt June 17

The LOWA Test Centre Traufgänge-Albstadt is located in the inn Höhen­gasthof Nägelehaus on the Raichberg mountain in Albstadt and provides customers with an oppor­tunity to try out LOWA moun­tain­eering and hiking boots free of charge throughout the hiking season. A true paradise for all hiking fans.

Customers head off from Höhen­gasthof Nägelehaus and can then put boots through their paces.

One of Germany’s most gorgeous premium hiking trails passes by here – the Traufgang Zollernburg Panorama.

The Traufgänge-Albstadt Test Centre is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Höhen­gasthof Wanderheim Nägelehaus
Raichberg 1
72461 Albstadt-Onst­met­tingen
Telephone: +49 7432 21715

Try on shoes

The test footwear available in the Test Centre may differ from the presented models or more models may be available for testing. You are welcome to inquire which models are available by calling the listed telephone number. Some test centres also offer chil­dren’s models – the Test Centre will be happy to provide you with information about them before your visit!

Amotan Eisklettern Erstbegehung Norwegen Rudi Hauser WI7+ / 8- 150m Winter

The tour: Traufgang Zollernburg-Panoramic view Gorgeous post-card views of the ancestral castle of the Hohen­zollerns

Demanding tour
Start of the tour:
Parking lot Stich Tavern
Refreshment break:
Zoller­steighof, Nägele house
End of the tour:
Parking lot Stich Tavern
06:00 hours
16 km
412 m
412 m
Hiking clothes, sturdy shoes
Our shoe tip:

Exposed lookout rocks, primeval gorges and the distant views from the eaves offer pure panoramic hikes. The view of the seemingly floating main castle of the Hohen­zollern is partic­ularly impressive.

You will start the hike at the village of Stich, passing along the mountain edge and even­tually heading uphill. The trail will then take you past the remnants of the old high moor and across the Heili­genkopf mountain before leading you to Ritterstall and Zollernblick. The forests raise their curtains over and over again, providing you with stunning views. After reaching the plateau, you will walk past the Zoller­steighof, where you can take a relaxing break, and then head towards Zeller Horn. An over­powering view of Hohen­zollern Castle awaits you here. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful and popular castles.

After you reach the “Hangender Stein” natural monument, the trail will lead you at the level of the Kohl­winkelfelsen lookout point to the rest stop “Neues Schafhaus”. Around the hill, the trail will take you through char­ac­teristic juniper heath – past piles of charcoal and old ore-mining sites. You will then head to the Raichberg Turm near Nägelehaus where you can take a break. On clear days, you can see all the way to the Feldberg mountain in the Black Forest and to the Zugspitze in the Alps from this tower. After reaching a fountain called Dagers­brunnen, you will proceed downhill, walking through a canyon forest that leads to the flat moor in the Schmiechatal valley and returning to the starting point.

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